About Rickshaw Stories

in this blog

we want to highlight the world of the modern and traditional rickshaws and pedicabs. An ecological vehicle that offers a unique way of visiting cities. Our main focus is on Barcelona where we are based but we welcome stories form people around the world. We want to show who are the people who work in this sector. What drives them and why do the love what they do?

We started this blog as a reaction to the city hall of Barcelona provisionally prohibiting rickshaws in June 2022. The local media tend to show a very one sided view of the activity. Only focusing on the possible negative impact the activity can have. We would like to differ and think that it’s a great way to visit the city. Especially for persons with limited mobility but also for those with limited time or small children. The only alternative is the hop-on hop-off bus. Non-ecological, impersonal way to see the city.

We also like you to share your stories with us. Had a great ride? Share it with us. Are you an operator and want to get your story out? Contact us and let us know