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you will find stories and news about rickshaws and pedicabs in Barcelona and the rest of the world. This blog is created by people active as rickshaw drivers. In the local media our activity is portait in a very negative and one sided way. We would like to show the people behind the wheel and highlight the positive sides of our activity. We would also like to promote best practices and look for collaboration with the community.

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The pedicab community demonstrates against prohobition Pedicab drivers and business owners have taken part in peacefull demonstrations against the provisional prohibition of their activity in Barcelona these past weeks. At least every week there is at least one demonstration planned. The drivers are upset with…

Prohibition in Barcelona

Prohibition of pedicabs in Barcelona For over a year the City Hall of Barcelona has declared the desire to prohibit pedicabs from operating in the city. On June the 20th of 2022 all the owners of registered pedicabs received an email that from stated that…